• Angela Connor

To enlighten and drive change in Corporate America

Over the past two weeks I’ve felt compelled to speak out about racial inequality, particularly in the workplace, and share my thoughts and experiences in a way I haven’t publicly in the past, which is moving people to action. The calls, text messages and emails I’ve received have made it clear to me there’s another area of which I must get involved, further share my experiences and expertise and ultimately help drive change.

That change is within organizations.

I’ve spent a long time in Corporate America in many capacities: as an employee, middle manager, senior leader and executive. Today, I’m announcing Now Look Inward, a new consulting arm of my PR Firm where I am offering services that include facilitating discussions, providing ideas and insights, conducting internal employee focus groups and more, as requested.

I am also launching a podcast of the same name within a week, which is currently in post-production.

I hope you’ll consider what I have to offer, seek to make long-term change internally, and put some real action behind those words of support for the black community that your employees believe and experience. 

If you’d like to connect about working together, feel free to email me at angela -at- changeagentcommunications.com.

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