• Angela Connor

This is no time to devalue yourself

This is not the time to devalue yourself.

Things are happening that are out of your control. People are making decisions that affect you big, and your ability to change that particular piece is limited. In many cases, it’s nonexistent. That can be scary. It can usher in panic and fear.

But, the answer to panic and fear driven by the decisions of others, of which you have no control, is definitely not to see yourself, and what you offer as less valuable. Your value is not determined by, nor does it fluctuate based on whims, or decisions of others. You have to know that inside.

Right now, employers can reduce pay by as much as 25%, as part of the Payroll Protection Program, to ensure that the loan will remain forgivable. If that happens to you, it doesn’t mean your value is 25% less. If you are furloughed or laid-off, you are still as valuable as you were the day before.

If fees for your services are no longer as affordable and you decide to provide them for less, if asked – that doesn’t make you less valuable. And you should know that the decision is still up to you on whether or not to accept the new terms, or even offer them in the first place.

Yes, times are changing. Times have changed. We are living in a new environment. But the last thing I want to see is a slew of smart, talented people who have known their value for a long time, worked tirelessly to establish it and who contribute greatly to the companies for which they work or bring on as clients start to question their value or see themselves as less valuable.

Everyone is making tough decisions, so don’t be afraid to make your own based on your value.

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