• Angela Connor

Starting a New Community? Think Hard About What You’re Asking

Wait. Now you want me to come join and participate in your new Facebook group? I already listen to your podcast or read your newsletter. Isn’t that enough? Don’t you know how pressed I am for time? It’s hard enough to be committed to you and all the others on a single channel even though I value what you’re creating, so I don’t think I can come be an active participant in your Slack community. Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m tapped out.

Starting a new community? Think hard about what you’re asking. It’s a lot. We need people to build our communities, even if we get all the glory for their growth. Asking for their time, energy, commitment and content is a big ask. Especially on a channel they don’t own. More people should recognize that. Sometimes the trade is worth it, but it’s okay to make sure it is before you engage. And to those doing the asking, please understand the gravity of the ask. Even if what you’re asking is totally worth my time, I just might not have it to give.

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