• Angela Connor

Sometimes you have to say no

Learning to say no to potential clients and projects is one of the most difficult things to master as a business owner, but master it you must. It may not always be apparent when to say no, but there are two instances of which I believe it’s the only answer on the table.

Say no to a client when you know in your heart you cannot deliver what they are seeking, because it will not end well. Unless you can narrow down the request further and agree to the component you know will be successful or of which you have the most experience, opt-out.

The other instance is when there is an abundance of haggling over budget. You must know your worth, and when a client or prospect insists on paying you less, that is a sign of things to come, particularly trouble being paid, or even further haggling and requests for discounts.

Saying no is a muscle you must use in order for it to develop. So practice saying no, even when it’s hard. It may not feel good in the moment, but trust me…it ultimately will.

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