• Angela Connor

Live and let live. It's THEIR prerogative

The truth is, the “holier than thou” posts riddled all over LinkedIn can be damaging in the long run. We don’t get to decide how people try to salvage or even maintain their livelihoods.

Sure, I’m taken aback by some of the messages I’m receiving, but I’m not the judge and jury on how people try to live during a time that everyone agrees is “uncertain,” and “unprecedented.” I can also choose to delete, hide, unfollow, unsubscribe or use other tools available to me to avoid it.

What about all the people offering to help teach people how to work remotely? Many of those complaining about “sales” are doing just that. It’s their prerogative. Seems to me that in a time as this we have to live and let live. If there are consequences down the line for people’s actions related to attempts and methods deployed to hold on to their business, let them deal with that.

Be careful on how you criticize others. You are not in their shoes.

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