• Angela Connor

I won’t take my conference virtual and that’s my prerogative

I decided to postpone my second annual Women Inspiring Women Conference to 2021. It was scheduled for next month. This was no easy decision, but I do not believe the magic can happen virtually and choose not to go that route.

This is an in-person, shared experience and I don’t want to lose that. The first year, I promised a unique-intimate experience where attendees and panelists could feel safe and we could discuss openly all that is often said behind closed doors or over glasses of wine. We accomplished that and then some, and I just do not believe that can happen online. The new date is March 25, 2021. I’ve asked all ticket purchasers to update their calendars with the new date and consider gifting their ticket if they cannot make it.

I will say that I have attended maybe three online events that have felt valuable, and one conference. I’m impressed with how so many companies and organizations have adopted and embraced virtual events and seem to be redefining what can be done. But I also know it’s not for me or this particular event. So I’ve acted accordingly.

And I’m grateful for sponsors like Merz Aesthetics and Red Hat for hanging in there and staying on board through this change.

I hope you can find peace with tough decisions and find comfort going against the grain. Sometimes it really is YOUR prerogative.

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