• Angela Connor

I lost a client and life goes on

People lose clients. It’s just a fact of life. People who are very good at what they do, lose clients. Nothing lasts forever. I’m a believer in necessary endings, even the ones we don’t initiate. Yesterday was my last day working with one client and also the same day my work delivered big for another. I sent a farewell email to one small group while receiving several incoming accolades from another due to their great results on a big day. In the almost two years I’ve had my own agency, I’ve started with clients and ended. Projects end, budgets run out and sometimes you may even have to remove yourself from a bad situation. There are many factors. I know I did good work for the client that ended yesterday. I also know I did game-changing work for a client I worked with for a full year that ended December 30 of last year. Another which ended at the time as well, won a PR Week Platinum PR Award largely based on our collaboration. I’m not here to talk about unprecedented times or anything like that. Losing clients isn’t new. We just don’t discuss it often. If you’ve had any abrupt endings, keep all your good work top of mind. When you do good work, there are always more opportunities ahead. Even during a pandemic.

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