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I just watched a live conversation with a sexologist on LinkedIn

Chris Brogan interviewed a sexologist on LinkedIn Live this morning and I am all the way here for it. I’m always talking about zigging when others zag, and that’s exactly what he and his co-host, Kerry Gorgone did today in my opinion. Sex toys, orgasms, bedroom boredom, tips on getting more of what you want from a partner and even the benefit of a sexual confidence coach. All of these topics and more, all before 11am. The day after Labor Day.

Yes, this happened in the 10am hour on a Tuesday morning, on LinkedIn! Whaaaat? Yep, sure did. It was simultaneously being streamed on Facebook, and I believe YouTube and Twitter, but they DID THAT. Right on LinkedIn.

When I showed up, there were no comments and I’ll admit I paused for a second about posting one, but then I decided I didn’t care, even though it would be seen on LinkedIn, and I know that people read my comments. However, I’m not one to care so much about what others think anyway, and I wanted to show my support.

Screenshot from The Backpack Show streamed on Linkedin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Much like his show overall (It’s called the Backpack Show) it was highly relevant information, particularly during a pandemic and given how much the sex toy industry is booming. And their guest, Dr. Sunny knew her stuff inside and out. She was super engaging, highly educational and just put viewers at ease.

It may not have been an easy choice to broadcast that interview on LinkedIn, but this team at Brogan’s Backpack Show displayed courage and just went for it. I applaud the move. And it kind of made my Tuesday.

You may not need to replicate this effort entirely, but I believe we could all benefit from displaying some courage and simply going for it.

No pun intended.

And here’s the replay, if you’re interested.

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