• Angela Connor

Combating the sea of sameness

Do you ever tire of reading through comments connected to user-generated content with no counterpoints, different opinions, other ideas to consider or anything remotely contrarian?

I do. And it looks like LinkedIn may be as well and would like to see a bit of variety in the comments based on it’s new prompts. Today I noticed a slew of of new automated “starter responses” above the reply section at the bottom of a post in my feed. They are:

  1. Not sure I agree with…

  2. Thank you for…

  3. In my opinion…

  4. Good point

  5. Can I add..

  6. Thanks a lot for…

I’m particularly intrigued by numbers one and three which seem to lead prospective commenters down the contrarian path. Now, this could all be to ensure civility within those kinds of responses, but I believe it’s to spark a different kind of engagement. I sure hope it works, because we are drowning in a sea of sameness.


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