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Allow yourself to focus on your 2020 accomplishments – and make a list

With all the talk about how awful the year has been and how everyone is awaiting the start of 2021, it is just too easy to ignore all that you DID accomplish in 2020. Sure, it may not have been your best year, but I bet there are moments that were pretty doggone good and worth celebrating.

So many people are writing off this year as a sheer disaster and acting as though nothing good happened at all. I am willing to bet my car that isn’t necessarily the case. I am encouraging everyone to take some time today or this week and list their 2020 accomplishments. Allow yourself time to reflect on the good, the new opportunities and all the ways you triumphed and moved ahead. There is no accomplishment too small, just start writing. You deserve to see it in black and white.

Angela Connor says focus on your 2020 accomplishments and reflect on the good.

Remember, attitude is everything, and I bet this exercise will give yours a little shift in the right direction. And if you don’t have anyone to share it with, send it to me. I’d love to see all you’ve done in spite of it all. I made my list and it is longer than I ever imagined, and I have allowed myself to revel in it and feel good about this year in spite of it all.

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